Corporate Governance

Concept and System of Corporate Governance

Basic Concept of Corporate Governance

Based on “Musashi Philosophy” consisting of “Spirit of Foundation,” “Corporate Mission” and “Guidance for Conduct,” the Musashi Group develops its business and defines the “Basic Policy for Musashi Corporate Governance” to fulfil corporate governance which is considered as one of the critical elements for management.

Musashi Corporate Governance

The Group considers full corporate governance as one of the critical elements for management. In October 2015, to clarify the policy for our activities and to improve our corporate value, the “Basic Policy for Musashi Corporate Governance” was defined according to each principle specified in the “Corporate Governance Code” issued by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
To respond to our stakeholders both inside and outside, we will strive to fulfil corporate governance more for the sustainable growth of the company the mid/long term corporate value.

Corporate Governance System

The Company adopts an Audit and Supervisory Committee system. This enhances the auditing and supervising function of Directors to the business executions. Additionally by involving outside Directors, including the members of the Audit and Supervisory Committee, in decision making, the transparency and soundness of management is improved. Decisions can be made and implemented promptly by delegating authority of some items resolved by the Board of Directors to the Management Committee, etc. to improve the flexibility in management judgment.

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