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Composition of Musashi Philosophy

Musashi Philosophy consists 3 elements of
"Our origin", "Our Purpose" and "Our Way."

These three elements together from the Musashi Philosophy and no single elements should be considered in isolation from the other two.

Our Origin

The origins of Musashi, passed down from generation to generation.

The Founder : Yoshiharu Otsuka

Consistent Sincerity Simple and Sturdy

Yoshiharu Otsuka, the founder, said the following as the origin of Musashi.

"We have seen the rise and fall of many companies throughout history. There are very few groups united by the spirit of Simplicity, Sturdiness and Consistent Sincerity that no longer exist. We must never forget this fact."

Our Purpose

We contribute to enriched
Harmony between
our lives and Earth,
using our Passion for
technology and Wisdom
for innovation.
Our Purpose Our Purpose
Passion Technology
Our passion for monozukuri and the use of technology, allows us to overcome new challenges.
Wisdom Innovation
We innovate through the use of our acquired and enhanced "Wisdom".
Harmony Sustainable
We contribute to a sustainable and enriched world by achieving "Harmony" between our lives and Earth.
Enriched earth Society
We contribute to the enriched earth by combining passion, wisdom, and harmony.

Our Way

The values each of us hold in our hearts.
Moving into the future with Exploration
and Exploitation of knowledge.
01Customer first
  • Recognize all stakeholders as "customers"
  • Understand their true needs and expectations
  • Act with integrity; do the right thing
  • Work with passion
03Be unique, be creative
  • Seek originality
  • Create with ingenuity
04Try first, learn fast
  • Challenge yourself
  • Learn from practice
05One Musashi
  • Respect individuality and diversity
  • Build the best team by leveraging the strengths of others
06Leadership and ownership
  • Act Proactively
  • Lead the solution
07Smile and thanks
  • Remember to smile
  • Be grateful

Corporate mark

Corporate mark is a combination of the symbol and logotype.
The three circles of the mark depict passion, wisdom and harmony. Together the three circles symbolize Enriched world.
The strength of the typeface and the rising right line from A to i. It expresses the will to grow steadily toward the future.

Corporate mark (horizontal) and Corporate mark (vertical) are variation of the standard use of corporate mark. Select type best suited for the media.

About the use of Corporate mark

Corporate color

Musashi corporate colors are "Musashi Red" and "Musashi Black".
The bright red represents "Passion, Innovation, Challenge" and the strong black represents "a sense of mission, will, and determination."



Process M100% Y100%
RGB R230 G0 B18
DIC 157s


[a sense of mission,・will・and determination]

Process C30% M30% Y30% K100%
RGB R21 G3 B1
DIC 582s