QWhen is your company founded?

Our company was established in April 1938. The company's first president, Mr. Yoshiharu Otsuka, founded the Otsuka Seisakusho (Otsuka Machinery factory) in Togoshi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, under his own management, and began manufacturing and selling components for aircraft engine carburetor.

QOn which stock exchange are you listed?

Our shares have been listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and on the First Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.

QWhat is the company's security code?

It's 7220.

QWhen do you announce the Financial results?

Our company closes its books at the end of March every year and its interim accounts at the end of September.
After the closing of accounts, we periodically disclose the results on May and November.
We are also disclosing our Quarterly results.

QWhere can I see the past financial results?

They are posted on our company's website, please refer to the "Financial Report" or "Business Performance".
For the Annual Securities Report, please refer to the "IR materials".

QWhen are the record dates for dividends?

Year-end dividends are determined on the last day of March.
The determination date for interim dividends is on the last day of September.

QDo you have any special benefit plan for shareholders?

The Company offers a special benefit to shareholders who hold at least one unit (100 shares) of the Company's shares and who are recorded in the shareholders' register as at the end of March each year. The benefit system was introduced for shareholders as at the end of March 2021.

QHow many shares are there per unit?

100 shares. *One unit means the number of shares of a trading unit.

QWhat is the procedures for change of name and address?

Please contact IR Japan Co., Ltd., the administrator of the our shareholder registry.

QWhen is the General meeting of shareholders?

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders is held in late June every year.
All shareholders as of March 31 each year shall receive the information regarding the date and place of the meeting.

QHow do I exercise my voting rights at the General Meeting of Shareholders?

All shareholders whose names appear in, or are otherwise recorded in the register of shareholders as of the end of the record date (as of March 31 for the Annual shareholders' meeting) shall receive a notice of Ordinary General meeting of shareholders and Voting card
Shareholders shall exercise their voting rights either by:
(1) Attending the General Meeting and bringing the voting card
(2) Sending back the enclosed voting card indicating your approval or disapproval
(If you are unable to attend the meeting)

QHow can I request materials and make further inquiries?

Please understand that we are not sending IR materials.
Please access and refer to our financial results summary and materials posted on our website.


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