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Musashi established Musashi AI Ltd. in 2019 and 634 AI Ltd. newly in 2021.
Under the slogan "Human jobs for human", we have been developing monozukuri innovations by implementing AI in production. While needs are increasing rapidly in the era of coexisting with COVID, Musashi AI is engaged in research and development of AI visual inspection, and 634 AI is engaged in SDV (Self Driving Vehicle) and CCS (Central Control System) as the core business.

Visual inspection AI development

Visual inspection is a quality inspection which checks scratches or dirt on the surface of a product or component. Manual visual inspection is commonly conducted. Recently, the technology of image recognition processing with AI enabled a highly accurate defect detection so that visual inspection can be automated.

Visual inspection AI development
Visual inspection AI development

AMR & CCS system development

SDV (Self Driving Vehicle) and CCS (Central Control System) operate a highly accurate navigation with simple hardware and AI. Sensors attached on the ceiling are used to integrate data on the floor so that floor maps can be made. The central AI brain uses floor maps to navigate the simplest way to hardware. This is an advanced technology of navigation that hardware can be moved automatically with AI as a controller.
AMR & CCS system development

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