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We provide energy solutions to various needs
in society of electrification.

Musashi Energy Solutions is a pioneer that started the mass production of lithium-ion capacitors (LIC) first in the world. With the features of high output, long life, and great safety, LIC is a sustainable energy device expected increasingly to realize carbon neutral society which requires mobility electrification for motorcycles and automobiles as well as persuasion of green power.

Creating the synergy of solid technology and latest research

The technology and know-how accumulated in the long-time development provides our LICs with high output, long life, and great safety. To add more values, Musashi develops a new electricity storage device which has the strength of a high-capacity lithium-ion battery and that of LIC. Also, Musashi aims to combine the accumulated know-how with new research technologies for more values and less cost.

Hybrid battery Lithium-ion capacitor Lithium-ion battery

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