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Offering the nature yielded
in the soil of East Mikawa to people's health

Musashi invests and participates in management of Waphyto Co., Ltd. which offers inner and outer care products containing the functional ingredients of plants yielded in the East Mikawa region.
The soil of this region has very effective and rare features worldwide for developing plant functional ingredients (phytochemical). Plants including mulberry, chrysanthemum, and gotu kola picked in this region are known to contain a high level of functional ingredients, particularly antibacterial and antioxidant action.
To develop product formulations with new raw materials from local plants, Musashi has launched M Lab which aims to establish an integrated bio business system; to contribute sustainably to people's health; and to stimulate local communities.

Research and development
of the functional ingredients of East Mikawa

In addition to the researchers selected internally, M Lab consists of specialists including university professors of various fields as advisors. We aim to establish an integrated research and development system from raw material procurement, research, through to product development and improvement in M Lab, our factory, and Waphyto so that we can contribute to people's health by researching, developing, and formulating functional ingredients of plants yielded in the soil unique to East Mikawa.