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Creating in-house startups for solving social issues

Without being bounded by existing businesses, we are proactively creating in-house startups by setting the condition that such projects should enrich people's lives and realize a sustainable society.

In 2017, to develop intrapreneurs, we held the first in-house business creation program called "Musashi Innovator's Gate 2017" and created 2 teams of in-house startups that solve social issues.
Agritrio is one of them and offers a system that matches individuals who want to work freely with farmers who are struggling with manpower shortages. By applying the production standardization technology and manualizing technology, farmers can share their know-how with those who have no experience in agriculture, Agritrio is developing a matching service "Nou - How" that enables short working hours, and an agriculture related service "Nou - Care" that connects welfare service offices with farmers who can accept disabled workers. Agritrio incorporated the business and started franchising nationwide, and through their business activities, they aim to solve problems such as the shortage of farmers and an increase in abandoned farmland due to the aging of society.

In 2019, we expanded a range of applicable startup teams from in-house to companies in the East Mikawa region. We hold the "East Mikawa Innovator's Gate" program every year. In 2020, two more dedicated teams were created to work on setting themselves up in business.

East Mikawa Innovator's Gate
East Mikawa Innovator's Gate