Corporate Message

"Shitsujitsu-Goken" (simple and sturdy) ,
"Shisei-Ikkan" (consistent sincerity)

We will continue to explore and develop our original Monozukuri (*)
and thereby contribute to the global society by providing trusted
and attractive products.

* Monozukuri: Committing pride, passion and craftsmanship to the whole process of creating products of excellence, which fully satisfy our customers' expectations.

Sincerity in Monozukuri and developing humanresources.
This is our Musashi Group's origin.
This driving force allowed us to make over 70 years
of history since the foundation by anticipating
the market needs and originating unique
technologies to get through many hardships.

Although the global automotive and motorcycle market
was smaller temporarily through once in a 100 year
depression,that is expected to grow its demand in
the future, lead by the growth of emerging countries.
In addition,the appearance of vehicles with new
generation features such as hybrid cars and fuel-cell
powered vehicles provide more opportunities
for Musashi group.At the same time, global
competition has intensified and we are expected
to adapt to the rapidly changing business
environment flexibly and swiftly

We must succeed and evolve the "Monozukuri
culture" that we have cultivated based on the
Musashi Philosophy to quickly adapt to various
demands, such as high-quality, low-cost and
environment-friendly products. With this, we
pledge to contribute to the global society by
providing attractive Musashi unique products.

Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.
President & CEO

Hiroshi Otsuka