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A truly global company

“Power to Value”: The goal of Musashi's “Monozukuri” activity is to channel all of our passion and energy into generating value for society:
as a manufacturer we are committed to transforming “Power to Value”

iroshi Otsuka

Sincerity in Monozukuri and developing human resources.
This philosophy has enabled us to withstand the many challenges that we have faced over our 80 years of history by anticipating market needs, and then developing new and unique technologies to meet those needs.

As we look to the future, the prospects for the overall global economy remain uncertain, but we can be confident that the automotive and motorcycle markets in which we operate will continue to show steady long term growth.

Alongside this growth, we can also anticipate significant changes to the vehicles themselves, including increased electrification and autonomous driving. We are ready to respond quickly and flexibly to the demands that the new business environment will place upon our company.

These changes will present many opportunities for ongoing and sustainable growth. We will continue to rely on our philosophy of "consistent sincerity" in order to ensure that we create the new technologies, products and services which will be needed to meet these opportunities.

As a global company we are also committed to meeting our obligations to the wider society. We will continue to actively contribute to our local communities around the world, while also seeking to enhance and conserve the environment around us at both a local and a global level.

Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Hiroshi Otsuka