Musashi enter a partnership by investing in KeraCel Inc.

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Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. (Global Headquarters: Toyohashi-city, Aichi, Japan; President and CEO: Hiroshi Otsuka) has entered a partnership by investing in KeraCel Inc. (Global Headquarters: California, USA; CEO: Mr. Robert H. Bagheri), a Silicon Valley based venture, developing solid state batteries with its unique and state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies

All-Solid-State battery is expected as next generation power storage device, and nowadays many companies are accelerating their development to put it to practical use. KeraCel’s development of its 3D printing technology realizes safe, low cost, compact and flexible solid state batteries, and KeraCel is planning to commercialize these technologies and products in the near future.

This long-term strategic partnership with KeraCel allows Musashi to have priority rights to produce and supply solid state batteries with KeraCel’s innovative 3D printing technologies, provide power system solutions to electric motorcycle market and explore other potential market opportunities as well.

About Musashi:
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. is a global auto parts Tier1 company for automobiles and motorcycles, whose headquarters is located in Toyohashi, Japan. It has 33 manufacturing sites spreading across Europe, North and South America, China, and South East Asia. Musashi specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing powertrain products such as Differential Assemblies, Planetary Gear Assemblies, Transmission Gears and Assemblies, and Reduction Gears for xEVs, which are supplied to global major OEMs and Tier1s. Linkage and suspension products are also strategic products of Musashi.
Musashi implements AI on manufacturing sites under the philosophy of "more human-friendly work" and is also working on manufacturing innovation.
Musashi is listed on the first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (TYO: 7220).
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