Musashi Announces Further Collaboration with ARC Ride

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Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. (Global Headquarters: Toyohashi-city, Aichi, Japan; President and CEO: Hiroshi Otsuka, “Musashi”) has made an additional strategic investment in ARC Ride (Headquarters: Nairobi, Kenya; CEO: Jo Hurst-Croft, “ARC Ride”). Musashi and ARC Ride are collaborating to promote the adoption of new E-mobility technologies in East Africa.

The Kenyan government is actively promoting the electrification of mobility, and ARC Ride, a startup based in Nairobi, leads the production and sale of two-wheeled electric vehicles (EVs) in the capital city. Additionally, ARC Ride has already completed the installation of 88 battery swap stations and aims for further regional expansion. Musashi has made an additional investment in ARC Ride, not only to expand the adoption of Musashi’s e-Axle-equipped vehicle models but also to conduct tests for the adoption of Musashi- developed Battery Management System (BMS) to extend battery charging capabilities. Furthermore, both companies have agreed to jointly develop software solutions that analyze valuable data collected from Musashi’s e-Axle via cloud-based platforms, providing essential insights to riders and service providers. This collaborative effort aims to address challenges related to finance, insurance, and other critical issues in Kenya.This collaborative effort aims to address challenges related to finance, insurance, and other critical issues in Kenya.

Moreover, Musashi and ARC Ride are exploring opportunities to expand their electric two-wheeler and three-wheeler business beyond Kenya into other East African countries. Through accelerated E-mobility adoption, Musashi remains committed to contributing to a harmonious and environmentally conscious global society, including achieving carbon neutrality.

【About ARC Ride】
ARC Ride is a leading African EV company with an assembly plant in Nairobi, Kenya. It has created an EV ecosystem that supports the transition to clean energy mobility systems. ARC Ride designs, builds and assembles Electric 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers as well as a proprietary battery swapping and management platform. ARC Ride enables existing first and last mile transport solutions to go electric and empower a new generation of commuters to embrace personal E-mobility. We are at the forefront of the E-mobility revolution sweeping across Africa.
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【About Musashi】
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. is a global auto parts Tier1 company for automobiles and motorcycles, whose headquarters is located in Toyohashi, Japan. It has 36 manufacturing sites spreading across Europe, North and South America, China, and South East Asia. Musashi specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing products such as Differential Assemblies, Transmission Gears and Assemblies, and Linkage and Suspension (L&S) products especially for the future automobiles including electric and autonomous vehicles. Musashi is also generating and expanding new businesses through open innovation with global startups to contribute to the SDGs in wider business domains. Musashi AI, a leading-edge AI technology subsidiary to lead Industry 4.0, is one of the examples.
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