TECHNOLOGYMusashi "Monozukuri"

Providing reliable high-quality yet low-cost
Musashi brand products to
our worldwide customers with our unique engineering
development activities and
the integrated production system.

Musashi's strengths are the ability to commercialize, research, and develop products that meet our
customers' needs as well as the integrated production system from forging to assembly process.

Furthermore, other relevant technologies such as manufacturing of dies to sustain forging process,
tool grinding and quality assurance systems to ensure quality in process, provide solid foundation
for Musashi's integrated production system.

Musashi group is promoting the Global Optimum Production System to supply Musashi brand
products to our customers by not limiting these strengths domestically but also globally
standardizing them.

AI Project

Based on the concept “human jobs for human”,
we are developing AI system creating new values in production fields.