Research and Development

Introducing cutting-edge equipment and facilities,
Musashi group is also making effort to on upbringing of human resources who enable “Be Unique!”.

Research and development

Research and development
Research and development

Globalization of the market is bringing about diverse needs such as high quality, low cost and even environment-friendliness.

Musashi group is promoting to build an integrated system that enables to complete processes in-house; from design to function assurance by introducing the most advanced testing equipments actively to establish advanced research and development system.

Above all, our baseline design and applied analysis with originally developed 3D design and CAE analysis technology, as simulation technologies achieving compact, light-weight, highly-strong and low-friction products, are well-received by our customers.

"Musashi Global Center" - The place to send out Musashi-style uniqueness

'Musashi Global Center' - The place to send out Musashi-style uniqueness

Musashi Global Center, the base of technology development of Musashi group, starts its function in September 2008 to realize "Musashi Global Vision 2020" by reinforcing technology development including basic research such as the field of materials.

  • NV measurement room
    NV measurement room
  • Diff impact test bench
    Diff impact test bench
  • 3-axis dynamometer
    3-axis dynamometer

4 strengths of the Musashi Quality