AI Project

Based on the concept “human jobs for human”, we are innovating manufacture by implementing AI in production fields.

Our products are delivered to customers through the process of transfer, machining, and inspection. Machining, in particular, is the core of “Monozukuri” that values are added by human technology and judgment. The process of transfer and visual check, on the other hand, is repetitive routine but highly loaded work.

Human beings, however, are supposed to be creative in nature. Repetitive work can be automated so that people can create something new and keep developing their work. We are taking a challenge of creating environment allowing people to take meaningful and human jobs.

We aim to keep providing our group plants as well as global manufacturers with a wide range of innovative technologies.

AI System under Development for Creating New Values in Production

Manufacturing flow

Drive innovation in production with “Monozukuri × AI”
Human jobs for human!