Basic Policy for Sustainability

Basic Policy of Musashi Group
for realization of sustainable global society

“We will continue to explore and develop our original Monozukuri and thereby contribute to the global society by providing trusted and attractive products.”

This corporate mission is expressing basic attitude of Musashi Group
for realization of sustainable global society.
Based on this corporate mission, we will contribute to
sustainable development of the global society through
our overall business activities from these two aspects below.

Shared Value

We will continue developing “our original Monozukuri ”and providing “attractive products” which can contribute to sustainable “global society” development.

Social Responsibility
as a Global Company

To be a company which is “trusted” by people around the world,
we will positively contribute
to develop better society.

CSV(Creating Shared Value)

CSV(Creating Shared Value)

Creation of common values
- Contribution to the social development through business activities -

Musashi’s strength originates in “Unique Monozukuri”: an integrated production system, precision forging technology and a global production/sales system.
The core of Musashi business is to develop/provide “attractive products” for improvement of the mobility comfort and safety, and for a lower environment load through “Unique Monozukuri”.

Creating and providing beneficial “values” for society through our business is the realization of “Power to Value.” And that is essential for Musashi to contribute to the sustainable development of global society and to be needed by society.

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Social responsibility as a global company

As the base of business practices, striving for solving various problems such as climate change in global society and communities is one of the important corporate responsibilities.

To discharge our responsibilities, we adopt the ISO26000 as the guidance to see the current condition of sustainability activities and to sort out issues. And we promote activities for a better society with our employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.