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Musashi Group’s Origin, Challenge and Passion for “Monozukuri”

President and CEO, Hiroshi Otsuka

The Musashi Group started its business by manufacturing carburetor parts for aircraft in 1938 and changed over to manufacturing sowing machine parts after World War II. In 1956 Musashi started manufacturing motorcycle parts, and transferred to the automobile industry where development was anticipated.

Grasping the needs of the times, Musashi has established an original “Monozukuri” system with an integrated production system, precision forging technology and a global production/ sales system, and an R&D capability which has developed unique products such as maintenance free ball joints and MS diff*. These driving forces have allowed us to make over 80 years of history since our foundation.

Throughout our history, we have been concerning about sincerity in development of human resource and Monozukuri, and passion for contributing to the development of people’s living as well as society through Monozukuri.

* Lightweight differential assembly with bevel gears developed by Musashi.

Commitment for Sustainability

Commitment for Sustainability

Recently, the technology and impact of private companies has been expected and required more to contribute to solve social issues. Solving the social problems and contributing to the sustainable development of society are becoming essential elements for corporate growth and development. We have to contribute to sustainable development throughout the entire business activities including the supply chain and throughout the product life cycle.

Based on the above background, we have resolved the “Basic Policy of Musashi Group for realization of sustainable global society” in the Board of Directors in December 2016.

Under this policy, based on our corporate mission, we have decided to promote activities to realize sustainable global society from the perspectives of “creating shared values” and “social responsibility as a global company”.

To Be Trusted by People around the World, To Contribute to the Development of Global Society


For us, “creating shared values” means; supporting the popularization of the automotive industry by producing and supplying parts, and contributing to the improvement of automotive functions such as fuel efficiency and safety through design/development of parts.
Last year, we welcomed HAY Group into our Group and started integrating the two companies to gain synergy benefit; wider product lineup, better competitiveness of unit products through technology fusion, and building relationship with mutual customers.

Additionally, as a social responsible of a global company, we recognize the need to help develop a better society together with our global stakeholders: employees, customers, business partners and local communities. Although there are many social issues related to our business such as product liability, human rights, labor practice, and environment, we are steadily tackling each of them.

We are undertaking various activities to contribute to the sustainable development of the global society and to be trusted by stakeholders throughout the world. This report, has been issued to inform our global stakeholders about these activities and to give the reader a fully understanding of the Musashi Group’s activities in this regard.