L&S (Linkage & Suspension)

Products and Technical Features in L&S Business

L&S business covers ball joints, important security parts requiring high reliability, which are used in the joint between the tire and the vehicle. The ball joint works as a joint while steering or tire movement according to dents and bumps on the road and contributes to smooth steering and comfort driving.
We are providing compact and light weight ball joints to our customers with an optimal shape and size for each vehicle. To achieve this, designing process by highly-accurate simulation technology and the integrated inner process through design to evaluation are established. By which, we are contributing to a better driving comfort and fuel efficiency. Compact, lightweight, and low-cost ball joints can be manufactured and provided globally with a highly-efficient production system based on the size series.

Product Features

Development and Forecast of L&S Business

Development and Forecast of L&S Business

With highly-precise simulation, we are expanding the business of compact and lightweight ball joints, particularly in North America and China where market size is big.
From a technological perspective, we are establishing the Musashi brand by pursuing specs and manufacturing method of ball joints good at friction performance and strong enough to improve drivability and comfort.

Compact Automatic Assembly Machine

Compact Automatic Assembly Machine

We designed a compact automatic assembly machine (the one-third of the conventional one) in house. This equipment was completed based on technical exchange with other affiliates with the intention of global use. Currently, it is in operation in Canada and Japan.

Product Lineup

Ball Joint Assembly(Suspension and steering component)

The ball-joints provide the linkage between the suspension, chassis, steering and tires. They play a major role in maintaining the stability of the vehicle, whilst at the same time absorbing the various vibrations and impacts generated by the road conditions. In order to fulfil these critical functions, the ball joints need to be extremely wear resistant, light–weight and of highly durability.

  • Suspension Arm AssemblySuspension Arm Assembly
  • Suspension Arm AssemblySuspension Arm Assembly
  • Suspension Ball JointsSuspension Ball Joints
  • Steering Ball JointsSteering Ball Joints
    (Tie-Rod End)

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