Notice of establishment of 634 AI Ltd.


Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd (Head office: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, President and CEO: Hiroshi Otsuka, “Musashi”) is pleased to announce to form 634 AI Ltd. (“634AI”) as a joint venture with SixAI Ltd (Head Office: Neve Ilan, Israel, CEO: Ran Poliakine). Musashi owns 51% of shares and SixAI owns 49% at the beginning.

In 2019, Musashi has established Musashi AI Ltd. (Head office: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director: Sota Murata, “Musashi AI”), as a joint venture (51% Musashi) with SixAi, (49%) and has been working to realize manufacturing innovation through the implementation of AI products including AIS (Automatic Inspection System) and SDV (Self Driving Vehicle) with CCS (Central Control System) in production floors under the slogan of "HUMAN JOBS FOR HUMAN".

As needs of automations are rapidly increasing in COVID-19 era, MusashiAI is spinning out the business lines of SDV and CCS to 634AI while MusashiAI is concentrating in AIS business to maximize the speed of R&D and deployment of each business line.

Musashi AI and 634AI, together, will continue to provide a wide range of technologies to manufacturing sites around the world to realize Industry 4.0.

【About Musashi】
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. is a global auto parts Tier1 company for automobiles and motorcycles, whose headquarters is located in Toyohashi, Japan. It has 35 manufacturing sites spreading across Europe, North and South America, China, and South East Asia. Musashi specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing products such as Differential Assemblies, Transmission Gears and Assemblies, and Linkage and Suspension (L&S) products especially for the future automobiles including electric and autonomous vehicles. Musashi is also generating and expanding new businesses through open innovation with global startups to contribute to the SDGs in wider business domains. Musashi AI, a leading-edge AI technology subsidiary to lead Industry 4.0, is one of the examples.
Musashi Web Site:

【About Musashi AI】
In order to accelerate the development of AI technology, its implementation in manufacturing, and its global deployment, Musashi Seimitsu Industry has established Musashi AI Corporation as a joint venture with SixAI Ltd. in July 2019. We will work with leaders who share the same passion for innovation to build a new ecosystem for Industry 4.0.
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【About 634AI】
634AI was founded to enable a safer, smarter indoor mobility.
We're driven by a vision of simplifying every-day mobile task fulfilment indoors, and making it accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Our solutions offer practical and affordable tools for indoor mobility in the digital autonomy era. We developed MAESTRO as a fully integrated RTLS driven central control tower to streamline management of any mobile task on an industrial floor. MAESTRO’s top-down visibility enables customers a fully coordinated operation of anything mobile – be it track and trace movements of goods, real time safety alerts for forklifts and driven pallet jacks, or navigate and manage fleets of autonomous robotic platforms, all through a unified and flexible modular system - at an affordable price.

634AI is on a mission to make any indoor task autonomous – from the industrial floor to the airport terminal, the warehouse floor or the hospital floor, and beyond.
634AI website: http://www.634.AI