Musashi furthers the alliance with Zimeno Inc.


 Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. (Global Headquarters: Toyohashi-city, Aichi, Japan; President and CEO: Hiroshi Otsuka) has formed a strategic alliance with Zimeno Inc. (DBA Monarch Tractor; Headquarters: California, USA; CEO: Mr. Praveen Penmetsa), a Silicon Valley based venture, developing compact autonomous EV tractors for agriculture. Musashi will expand the collaboration areas with Monarch Tractor to assist in the endeavors of building the future smart tractor.

 Monarch Tractor promotes the development of smart tractors with the goal of providing solutions to issues such as labour and resource shortages facing agriculture, the impact of climate change, and growing interest in crop safety. Monarch Tractor’s smart tractors are equipped with automatic navigation, information communication functions, advanced analytics and safety features. They are expected to expand their business in the future, as they have already received pre-orders for their smart tractors by farmers in California.

 Monarch Tractor has already been recognized by the industry for its remarkable breakthroughs, as it was elected as one of the top 10 companies in the new product category announced by World Ag Expo, and participated in the annual expo held in February 2020. Furthermore, Monarch tractor was announced by Fast Company as a company with a world changing idea in 3 categories (North America, Energy and Food categories), as well as winning the “Tractor of the Year” recognition by the AgTech Breakthrough Awards for 2020.

【About Monarch Tractor】
Monarch Tractor (Headquarters: California, USA) is working to utilize 21st-century technology to empower farmers by enabling profitable implementation of sustainable & organic practices. The Monarch Tractor electric tractor platform combines mechanization, automation, and data analysis to enhance farmer’s existing operations, alleviate labour shortages, and maximize yields.
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【About Musashi】
Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. is a global auto parts Tier1 company for automobiles and motorcycles, whose headquarters is located in Toyohashi, Japan. It has 35 manufacturing sites spreading across Europe, North and South America, China, and South East Asia. Musashi specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing products such as Differential Assemblies, Transmission Gears and Assemblies, and Linkage and Suspension (L&S) products especially for the future automobiles including electric and autonomous vehicles. Musashi is also generating and expanding new businesses through open innovation with global startups to contribute to the SDGs in wider business domains. MusashiAI, a leading-edge AI technology subsidiary to lead Industry 4.0, is one of the examples.
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