Ecology and Society

Ecology and Society

To develop enthusiastic human resources.
We aim to be a company to live symbiotically
with environment and local community.

Positive action toward environmental preservation

Musashi strives to preserve the environment. We are promoting 3R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activity and "greening" of our plants without mentioning ISO 14000 certification.

Cleanup Activities

Musashi holds 530 (GO-MI-ZERO, means "zero garbage") activities twice a year in spring and fall to promote cleanup of the environment and consciousness of energy conservation. As a member of "Toyohashi City 530 Movement Conference", Musashi takes part in joint activities with the community.

Econobox Race

How many kilometers would one litter of gasoline last? We have been challenging for higher records. We regard this race as an opportunity to think about the reduction of environmental burden.

Symbiosis with the community

Musashi wishes to be a vital company for the local society. We are promoting local voluntary activities, support for reconstruction after disaster, blood donation, support for regional promotion, open plant tour, etc.

Musashi Summer Festival

Musashi Summer Festival opened up to the local people has become well-known summer event in the community. We integrate ourselves into the community through various events.

Goodwill Festival

Musashi takes part in Goodwill Festival hosted by Toyohashi Zeni Ginko from the beginning. Exchanges with handicapped people are expanding.

Support for growth of associates

Growth of associates is essential to growth of company. Musashi is promoting to improve working environment for associates to work enthusiastically.

Support for associates' career development

Technical Skill and Business Career Examinations are national certification tests broadly recognized in Japan. Musashi has established training system and more than 400 associates have certifications.

QC Circle Activities

QC circle activities are the source of enthusiastic workplace to realize what "sounds exciting!" These activities are globally spreading and circles are competing in unique Kaizen ideas in the world contest every year.